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4 Ways to Make Money During a Social Media Outage

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Did you log on today and see that your Favorite Social Media Platform was down? Well all isn’t lost, you can still make money today.

Here’s how:

  1. Go into your Business Management Tool like Dubsado/Honeybook and Send Emails about your Low-Tier Offers to the Prospectives that weren't ready for your High-Ticket Offers.

  2. Use Your Email List to Talk about Your Offers, Digital Products/ Courses. You could also offer a 1- Time Use that Expires a Week after you send it to give your audience a sense of urgency.

  3. Go into your CRM Tool (Hubspot/SalesForce) and View Your Current Lead Sources. Based on your current lead Sources, use this information to help you plan your marketing for Q4. Do you need to edit your SEO on your website? Is your Pinterest converting better than IG?

  4. Send Text Messages to Your Audience about your current offerings with GIFS / talking about current trends. As a Side Note, this is also a great time to follow up on any testimonials that you didn't collect as you prepare to build out sales pages for your offerings or for upcoming things like Q4.

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