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How to Speak the Love Language of the IG Algorithm

The Concept of 5 Love Languages comes from Dr. Gary Chapman. It talks about the way people like to show and receive love. Each individual has at least one language that they prefer above the other. The 5 Love Languages are Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

The Instagram Algorithm has Five Love Languages just like our family, friends, and relationships

How can I speak the Five Love Languages of Instagram?

Words of Affirmation: As your followers comment and engage on your posts, you want to thank them back continuously. When you write your comments, write Comments with 4-6 words and not just an emoji.

Quality Time: When you show up on Video through IG Stories, you are spending time with your audience. As you engage on the app, don’t just engage with your followers. You should take the time to go on the explore page and meet other people in your industry and network with them.

A major no-no on Social Media Platforms is: Don't Post and Ghost. Posting and Ghosting is like someone calling you on Facetime to talk to you and you’re paused on Facetime during the entire Call. No one likes that feeling.

Acts of Service: Instagram enjoys when you try the new features that are released on the platform. REELS are extremely helpful to bring new eyes to your profile. #2: Another major no-no on Social Media Platforms: Engagement Pods are Follow for Follow Groups where you have to follow everyone in the group and engage with their posts each day. It's tiring to keep up with and it goes against IG's Terms and Conditions.

Gifts: Instagram gives you the option to buy IG Live Badges and Support Creators. The IG Live Badges cost 0.99, 1.99, and 4.99. It is a way to support your favorite Instagram creators when they are giving away free knowledge. If you can't afford their services, you can support them for less than the cost of Disney Plus or Netflix.

Physical Touch: Because many things moved to virtual, We have to do “physical touch” differently. You can wave to your followers and other users when they join Instagram Live. You can also like Posts from accounts that have less followers than you. You can also host Instagram Lives with others in your industry.

Which one of these love languages do you struggle with online?

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