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Why you Shouldn’t Use LinkTree in Your Instagram Bio

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

but The Linktree has GOT TO GO! It's preventing your customers from learning more from you. When potential customers come to a link in your bio, it should be able to answer 3 things: - Who You Are - What You Do - How You Serve Your Customers When you have a Linktree, Milkshake, or Beacons Page, it requires too many steps to convert a customer. Instagram now requires users to click the button Follow Link when they are clicking certain links to protect its users. When a potential customer comes to your profile, the process to get them from "Click to Checkout should be seamless. When you keep a customer on your website, your Facebook Pixel can allow you to collect data about your potential customer as they're browsing. You can find out what links that they click frequently, what pages are the most popular on your website, and what prevented them from converting which will help you with retargeting. What happens with the insights on these landing page tools? - According to their website, Milkshake's Insights take up to 2 days. - With LinkTree, you need the PRO Version to analyze your insights further. - With Beacons Page, it gives you insights with it's campaigns tool but you can't plan an entire campaign with Beacon's Limited Insights. Do you have your landing page on your website or do you use one of these tools?

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